Wet Salted German Lamb / Sheep Skins

As we are located in the country side where a large portion of the German sheep population graze, we posses a consistent production of lamb and sheep skins. Sheep skin production is sold exclusively as wet salted. Our sheep skins originate predominately from the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein and the Islands in the North Sea. 

Lamb / Sheep
Skin Department


These sheep spend their days walking on the dikes of the north sea coast and as a result the wool attains a thickness of approx. 34-36 my.

We distinguish among the selections we provide based on wool length:

Wet Salted Sheep Skin

Sheep skins

  • full combed - 6 cm +
  • med combed - 4-6 cm
  • short combed - 3-4 cm
  • fine Hog - 2-3 cm
  • shearling - up to 2 cm

Lamb skins

  • new season - 3-4 kg
  • lambs - 4/+ kg
  • full combed/ med combed sheep and lamb skin (5-6 kg, 7/9 sq.ft.) - shearlings (2-4 kg, 6/9 sq.ft.) Selections I / II or III Average area is 6 sq.ft. + average 7 to 8 sq.ft.