Friedrich Sturm GmbH & CO. KG.
Bornkamp 2
25364 Osterhorn
Tel. +49 (0)4127 / 97980
Fax +49 (0)4127 / 979899

This is Friedrich Sturm GmbH & CO. KG. We are located in Osterhorn, Schleswig - Holstein, Germany. Founded in 1962, Sturm has grown to become one of Germany's largest and most efficient collectors and processors of hides, skins, wool and animal by-products. We are proud to offer a superior line of merchandise, solely derived from German abattoirs and numerous shearers located in north and central Germany. In addition, we have at our disposal a number of larger abattoirs in southern Germany complimenting our product line allowing for optimal customer service. Our years of experience and tradition in hide production have enabled us to become Germany's leading exporter.


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