Chilled / Wet Salted Hides

Friedrich Sturm GmbH & Co. KG offers a wide array of hides, skins, splits, wools, wet blue and crust from cattle and sheep.

Almost all of our hides originate from large, licensed European Community abattoirs. We have also provided most of the smaller abattoirs in the last few years with skinning machines allowing them to improve and reach their best quality raw merchandise.


Our fresh hides derived from cattle and sheep become one of the following seven basic selections (note: the pictures available may take some time to load).

Chilled and wet salted hides are our traditional products and consist today, as they have in the past, of a large part of our production. The trim (headless, short shanked) and the sorting of hides is in accordance with the well known high quality standards of Germany.



Fresh, chilled hides are for direct sale to our central European customers. Chilling plants are at our disposal where the hides are air-chilled down to 2C and then transported without additional preservation to tanners within continental Europe. Chilled uncured hides give much better quality/yield results than salted hides.


Air chilling the hides

Wet salted hides



Wet salted conventional hides are for sale to customers worldwide. Traditionally, hides have been wet salted. This tradition is continued at Sturm where they are put in salt for 10-14 days of penetration and then packed on to pallets.