Warehouse, Osterhorn, Germany

Friedrich Sturm GmbH & Co. KG maintain a number of warehouses throughout the country employing a highly qualified staff and ensuring a high quality product. The smooth operations of our several warehouses ensure quick and fresh preservation. Hence, we are proud to offer the ultimate in standards of quality and the highest level of service. Below the main warehouse of our organization including production and inventory facilities where special requirements regarding hide customization are taken care of to satisfy our customers' needs.


Main Warehouse Cool Storage of Salted Hides

Trimming facilities in the warehouse enhance productivity


From the latest in computer technology to the latest in sorting and weighing machines and loading facilities, our warehouses are equipped to deal with producing a quality product and getting it loaded onto trucks and shipped safely and efficiently to our customer.



Product quality is natural to us - just as expected by our customers. Within a short period of time (10-14 days) the hides are organized into completed batches and placed into cool storage (8C) by our warehouse manager until shipping to the customer which can be performed during any season throughout the year.

| Abattoir Collection |

| Arrival at the warehouse

| Product Preparation

| Delivery Preparations |