Hides Are Picked-Up At The Abattoir

Sturm Trucks

We possess a speedy operation of trucks and drivers who collect the hides from the abattoirs immediately after slaughtering. Quick and efficient collection with our own trucks ensures optimal preservation - hides don't get a chance to deteriorate. The hides are immediately brought to the warehouse without delay after having been chilled at the abattoir or they are immediately ice/air chilled upon arrival at our warehouse.


Icing the Fresh Hides

Immediately upon arrival at the warehouse after pick-up at the abattoir, all fresh hides are iced down, eliminating the possibility of deterioration caused by heat retention. Our staff is aware of the importance of providing the finest possible product and hence, is motivated to do the best job possible in delivering the highest quality in order to satisfy customers' demands.

Unloading of Fresh Hides at the Warehouse

| Abattoir Collection |

| Arrival at the warehouse

| Product Preparation

| Delivery Preparations |