Our operations are customer oriented

This industry is one industry that uses the term customer only - meaning that both our real customers as well as our suppliers are understood and treated equally as customers. This is the result of our business not being able to exist without the raw merchandise (hides) made available to us by our suppliers. Hence, we must treat them just as good as we treat our customers.

  • For our abattoirs we must be quick, skillful and efficient.


  • For our tanners we must be quality oriented, flexible and on time.


This is how we achieve our targets - The following list of events in our operational flow includes impressive photos of our company - note it may take some time to load the pictures:

1. Abattoir Collection

  • quick and efficient collection with our own trucks from the abattoir.

2. Arrival at the warehouse

  • maintenance of many warehouses in Germany ensuring high quality.

3. Product Preparation

  • trim and selection of hides for prompt feedback on quality
  • weighing of hides for preparation of accurate yield figures to tanners.

4. Delivery Preparations

  • hides are packed into containers and documentation is prepared.